Milky Way over Glacier Point and Yosemite Backcountry

Wintry View of Yosemite Valley via Tunnel View

Milky Way Over Half Dome

Springtime Dusting of Snow at Vernal Falls

Bridalveil Creek Snowhats

Reflections at Upper Cathedral Lake

Milky Way and Airglow via Glacier Point

Milky Way Arching Over Yosemite’s Cathedral Peak

Valley View and Snow Hats

Winter at Sentinel Bridge

Fog in Yosemite Valley

Afternoon Thunderstorms Building over Half Dome

Monsoonal Clouds at Sunrise via Glacier Point

Storm Clearing Away from Half Dome and Cloud Rest

Snowy Trees in Yosemite Valley

Early Morning Light on El Capitan

Last Light on El Capitan

Light Strip on El Capitan, Valley Snow and Fog

Clearing Winter Storm at Valley View

Springtime Dusting of Snow in the Valley

Clearing Winter Storm In Yosemite

Wintry Bridalveil Falls

Sunset on the Monolith

Yosemite Trees and Fog

Wintertime in Yosemite Valley

Summertime Light in the Valley

Mist Rising in Yosemite Valley


Icy Reflections of El Capitan

Waiting the Storm Out

Snowy Yosemite Valley Chapel

Super Moonrise over Yosemite Valley

Winter Light in Yosemite Valley

Fiery Wintry Sunrise over Half Dome

Moonrise over Half Dome

Vernal in Black and White

Storm Swirling Around Half Dome at Sunset

Snowy Portrait of Yosemite Valley

Last Light on Yosemite’s Horsetail Falls

Convective Sunset via Glacier Point

Clouds Clearing at a Wintry Tunnel View

Colorful Wintry Sunrise at Tunnel View