The Photography

I am relatively new to the world of photography, buying my first DSLR mid-2008. I consider myself a self-taught photographer who has spent thousands of hours perfecting my work. I strive to share what I witness in nature with the rest of the world.

For me, photography provides a means through which to experience, capture, relive, and share the artistry that nature renders. Photography has motivated and inspired me to become much more aware of my surroundings: the endless interactions of light and shadows caused by ever-changing weather resulting in both subtle and dramatic landscapes. I appreciate and am inspired by “simple” everyday occurrences that emanate from our natural surroundings: sunrises, sunsets, clouds, stars, and fog. And, I am in awe of those breathtaking landscapes that render the viewer speechless. I have no words to describe these incredible vistas, so I turn to my camera to say it for me.

Photography is a continuous learning experience for me and provides me with a constant challenge to develop as a photographer and to bring my vision to others.

I learn something new each and every time I shoot. In creating my photographs, I have endured a sleepless night (or two), embarked upon intense hikes or snowshoe adventures while lugging 50 pounds of camera gear along in order to catch a sunrise/sunset, starry night, winter storm, or even enjoyed a relatively simple drive across the San Francisco Bay to watch the fog roll through the Golden Gate from atop the Marin Headlands. I am often inspired by the creativity of the countless photographers I have met in person while shooting, in addition to those whose online work I follow.


The Process

Living in the Bay Area provides endless opportunities to immerse oneself in a very unique urban setting, in addition to access to some of the most majestic landscapes in the world . I find both environments equally rewarding and challenging.

My photography is truly the result of a unique blending of my Meteorological background with world around me. The weather plays a very critical role in my photography and being able to understand and analyze

My meteorological background plays a key role in my photography. Being able to analyze numerical weather prediction model output and understand the meteorological processes that are needed for great light often help to put me in the right place at the right time. The type of photography that feeds my neurotic obsession often involves last minute decisions based on weather resulting in extremely long drives and little
sleep in order to arrive at the final destination for sunrise or sunset.

In order to bring to life some of the incredible scenes I have been fortunate enough to be part of I am constantly thinking about not only the normal everyday photo, but also ways to make the experience somewhat unique. I enjoy the challenge of trying to take multiple photos and stitch them together, effectively increasing the resolution and making the final image life size. This process involves countless hours in front of the computer editing numerous photos; however, I enjoy the hours of editing which result in a beautiful piece of art just as much as the photography experience.


I grew up in Bethlehem, PA. My family introduced me to the outdoors at a very young age and I have appreciated and enjoyed nature for my entire life. I have always enjoyed physical activity as well, and I played multiple sports in high school before focusing on soccer and football at Millersville University in Pennsylvania. Even at a young age I was fascinated by the weather, especially snowstorms and thunderstorms, and I ended up studying Meteorology in college before moving onto the University of Virginia’s Atmospheric Science department. My love of sports and science is what led me to the work I am doing now. I have worked as an Air Quality Meteorologist, and a Nuclear, Chemical, Biological, Radiological Weapons Meteorologist in Washington, D.C. When the opportunity arose to move back to the Bay Area and work in Alternative Energy, I jumped at it and promised myself I would take full advantage of the outdoors. I can’t imagine a more dynamic place to live, and I picked up a camera as a way to document all the journeys and adventures that this beautiful place offers.



A few of my favorite places to be with my camera are:

  1. Yosemite Valley after a snowstorm watching the fog snake along the Merced River, while at the same time playing hide-n-seek with El Capitan and Half Dome,
  2. The Marin Headlands watching the bright white, cotton-like fog wind its way through the Golden Gate,
  3. And of course anywhere in the MODOC with my best friends who get the same excitement sharing in nature as I do.



Thank You

I’d like to extend sincere thanks for taking the time to stop by and look at my work. I hope everyone enjoys my photographs as much as I enjoy the adventures of trying to capture dramatic landscapes in all different types of weather and lighting. I am sincerely grateful for all the support from my family, to my best friends, to all of my gym friends, and to my coworkers who have all been subjected to my obsessive, slightly neurotic, and sometime annoying hobby at one time or another.






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