Mark Lilly Photography (MLP) specializes in high-resolution, large format photographic wall murals and fine art photography.  MLP’s high-resolution murals are not simply “one-shot”, but rather comprised of 10s to 100s of photos in order to maintain the critical resolution and sharpness needed for murals sizes of upwards of 30-50 ft in width x 10-20 ft in height.  MLP maintains an extensive catalogue of vibrant murals, in addition, to providing unique, custom murals that meet client’s specifications, objectives, and timelines.  MLP’s high-resolution murals support a wide portfolio of business offerings such as Corporate, Commercial, Healthcare, and Retail in various stages of their lifespan (e.g., New Businesses, Expanding Corporations, and Rebranding). MLP has provided high-resolution murals for clients such as Pacific Gas and Electric, Hewlett Packard, Project Management Advisors, and Cyclescape.

Yosemite National Park via Glacier Point

The following example shows the dramatic difference between enlarging a single-row panorama (2-shot) versus a multi-row panorama (60-shot) to a 30 ft x 10 ft wall mural (100% and 50% crop).



Single-row Panorama

Nikon D810, Carl Zeiss Otus 55mm F1.4

Original Size: 9,812 pixels x 3,888 pixels

2-shot (1 row x 2 columns)

Enlarged to 30 ft x 10 ft


















Multi-row Panorama

Nikon D810, Nikon 200mm F2

Original Size: 32,376 pixels x 12,717 pixels

60-shot (6 rows x 10 columns)

Enlarged to 30 ft x 10 ft




100% Crop





















































50% Crop





















































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